Virtual Cabinet is a fully integrated document management system with full version control and audit trail to provide peace of mind for those wishing to destroy their paperwork and create a paperless office while adhering to standards for legal admissibility.

Providing a secure document store with many additional search facilities enabling your document to be found more easily. It integrates fully with back office systems and has the ability to simply link all forms of electronic files back to the client record.

It provides routing facilities for scanned documents through user in trays, enabling distribution of scanned data around your organisation and has exclusive remote scanning facilities for those wishing to scan whilst using hosted or thin client solutions.

The Software enables your company to control all documents, share information, increase productivity and archive securely with an instant return on investment.

Simple Scanning

Scanning can be performed from high-speed production scanners or alternatively seamlessly linked in with your existing MFD. Redaction facilities allow information to be hidden if you want to protect areas of the document.

Efficient Post Distribution

Post routing to intrays allows fast audited distribution of daily documents. Documents can be dragged and dropped into other individual/group in trays and an additional “Sticky note” can be added for comments.

Filing made easy!

Filing is achieved by simply dragging and dropping the files onto the correct filing cabinet/folder. All your scanned, PDF and MS Office documents can be easily filed. A customer indexing structure can be created to suit your organisation. This structure defines the types of information you can associate with a document.

Instant searching & retrieval

You can search for documentation in many different ways. You can simply search for a client file or combine the client file search with some further refining criteria e.g. Period End, but any of your document references are searchable.

These search results can also be displayed in thumbnail form ensuring easy identification of the document required: Even the content of the document is searchable.

Once selected, multiple documents can be viewed in our multi-format viewer so you can review a spreadsheet, word document and scanned image all one after another.

Easy searching straight from your Core business product

Automatic Email Filing

E-mails can be automatically filed into the client correspondence file in the Practice Management system. If an e-mail address is stored against the client record, any e-mail to or from that address will automatically file itself in the client correspondence file.

Automatic Outbound Filing

This provides the ability to capture printed documents automatically. Client related documents printed from the Practice Management System can be captured, imaged and stored direct onto the client file. So no need to print, scan and file; it’s all done for you. No more manual filing of emails.

The document portal acts as a mechanism for secure document storage, sharing, distribution and workflow between companies and individuals.

OK, but what does that mean to me?

To answer this, let’s think of the scenarios available to us at present:

To communicate or collaborate on documents with your clients, two methods are most likely being used - post or e-mail. Whilst the latter may speed up the former, there is still a lack of control and administration that could provide many benefits.

The reality for sign-off purposes is that until now, realistically, post is the only option. This process is slow, manual, certainly not controlled or audited and expensive! By using the portal the process is automated, hassle-free to your clients and fully controlled and audited by yourselves. The process of client document authorisation is revolutionised.

The Software enables users to publish documents to an individual notifying them via an email address. The document is securely uploaded to a hosted environment (or Cloud as people are now calling it) and an email notification sent to the target individual advising them that there is a document for their attention. Users will be able to access and view documents published to them via the portal website.

Shortly after this secure publication release portal users will gain the ability to approve, change the status of, or respond, to portal documents. This rapidly becomes second nature allowing digital/electronic signatures to provide a seamless end-to-end sign off process. Full circle auditing also provides the reassurance of action performed.

In simple terms the complete end to end process is all handled for you – automated, audited and simple.

Key Facts

  • Secure Document Delivery.
  • The document itself is held in a secure environment where only the recipient can gain access to it, i.e. not just another mail box.
  • You can’t retract an e-mail but you can retract a published document - how many times have you sent the wrong thing?
  • Ownership of the document is maintained throughout the process.
  • You can prove that the published document is the correct, agreed document, knowing that the document is the same as that in the VC system – proof of original.
  • Each document is given a GUID (Global Unique IDentifier). The document transaction is audited at both ends, in VC DM and VC DP.
  • Who uses ‘Read receipt’ on e-mail? And if they do, most people turn them off. VC DP lets you know if your document has been viewed and, of course, by whom.


  • Saves Time and Money.
  • Provides an efficient, state-of-the-art client experience.
  • You retain control.
  • Your documents (and those of your clients) are completely secure.
  • The process is totally automated.
  • You have complete traceability.
  • Full Auditing and Compliance is enabled.
  • Your solution is fully integrated to your Document Management System.

Integrating the software your company uses every day, enables easy storage and retrieval of documents directly from software that are already familiar to users. This is typically the ‘back office system’ that’s bespoke to your sector or specialism. Using our Virtual Integration tool we can literally integrate to anything, straight out of the box!

Sage is just one example:

  • Users click a button on the “client details” screen in Sage to access a list of documents held for any given client. The user then selects documents from the list to view, edit, email as an attachment or print.
  • Users can click a second new button on the same screen to store documents that are currently displayed on the screen. The user is then prompted to scan a document, select a file or a document previously stored in an in tray.

Additionally we have developed bespoke integrations for many leading software packages. All our integrations are designed for ease of use, enabling users to become more productive in a matter of minutes. Virtual Cabinet from BMI Solutions is already integrated with a wide number of back office systems, including those listed below.

  • ACT!
  • 1st Adviser Office
  • Brooms
  • CCL
  • Dashboard Enterprises
  • Drive
  • electRa
  • Goldmine
  • Intellifio
  • INVU
  • Iris
  • JCS
  • MortgageStream
  • Open GI platform
  • Prestwood
  • SageSPS
  • Sage 50
  • Salesforce
  • Sirius Client
  • TAM

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