GDPR and document capture – an unmissable opportunity

We recently saw the introduction of the GDPR which brings harmonisation across the EU regards data privacy. This is no Y2K and will not go away so it is imperative if you haven’t started already on the journey towards GDPR compliance that you must ensure within your organisation that anyone holding personally identifiable data can prove the consent, the security and management of that data.

Scanning your paper based information with Fujitsu document scanners and merging with your digitally born material will help deliver business efficiencies and aid with compliance.

If you haven’t already you must establish GDPR-compliant policies that allow effective processing of personal data, this, essentially involves being able to answer the following seven questions:

  1. Right to access – can you find all the data you hold on an individual?
  2. Retention periods – do you know how long you can lawfully hold the data for?
  3. Data erasure – are you confident that the right of an individual to ‘be forgotten’ can be met - and that every single trace can be removed?
  4. Privacy by design – are you building-in security steps from the outset?
  5. Security – how many copies of your documents exist?
  6. Consent – do you have consent to hold the data and how will you use it?
  7. Audit trails – GDPR is not just about being compliant – it’s about proving it in a court of law – can you confidently prove your processes are lawful?

The importance of software

When it comes to achieving GDPR compliance the starting point recommended by Fujitsu is to conduct an assessment of relevant data held today, and where it resides, starting with the digitisation of paper-based documents through scanning and merging with digitally-born material.

Paper-based documents are more prone to human errors of misjudgement and can, very quickly, get into the wrong hands. Scanning allows organisations to take complete control of data by scanning, digitising and working online. Once documents are scanned they can be filed in a multitude of places, whether on a network, in the cloud or on a local PC.

Fujitsu’s range of scanners covers the full range of personal, compact, desktop, slim, portable devices or larger, departmental and production scanners - which means that they can help organisations of all sizes with their document capture needs. However, when selling scanning solutions, it’s about more than hardware; specialist software can really come into play here.

More than just compliance

While GDPR is a strong reason for organisations to invest in scanning, there are a number of additional reasons for businesses to embrace the move from paper to digital processes.

Investment in digital transformation can now deliver savings and efficiencies across the whole business, as well as helping to prepare for future regulatory compliance. Legislation can be a powerful tool to drive a cultural change, so let us see GDPR in that light: a chance for organisations to embrace digital transformation.

These benefits include:

Better organised data, all stored in one place

Increased storage capabilities with cloud-based servers

Quicker find and retrieval of files

Ability to manage data more effectively

Easier to share information/files between colleagues and across office locations

Increased efficiencies/time-savings for admin staff

Increased office space with less physical filing required

Greater security of data

Paperless working delivers business efficiencies while helping to achieve compliance with GDPR. The potential risks associated with GDPR – most notably the fines and damage to reputation – mean businesses simply have to be prepared. When there is commercial upside, and business efficiency to be gained by becoming compliant, the choice of doing the right thing by your data is a clear one.

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